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Mosh Girl
7 December 2016

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Come On, God
11 May 2014

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# 4195
15 March 2008

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# 3290
10 September 2007

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# 1534
20 August 2007

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# 1389
11 August 2007

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# 2745
10 August 2007

Recent Comments

L'Angevine on End him rightly

L'Angevine on [Your name] the Hedgehog
c'est original

L'Angevine on Peekaru

Mamyni on Peekaru
Une idée très originale... les choses du quotidien font souvent de belle photo.

L'Angevine on The One after Joey and Rachel Kiss
bien réussi

L'Angevine on The One in Barbados
superbe le rendu

L'Angevine on The One with the Donor
intéressant travail

mauro brando on The One with the Donor
Excellent shot! Great colors!

k@ on The One with the Donor
Hehe, fun.

L'Angevine on The One with the Fertility Test
agréable recherche

L'Angevine on The One with the Soap Opera Party
excellente composition

L'Angevine on The One with Rachel's Dream
du bon travail

L'Angevine on The One with the Lottery
bien ce rouge

L'Angevine on The One with the Memorial Service
Superbe les couleurs

L'Angevine on The One with the Boob Job
bon travail

L'Angevine on Millennial Falcon
bel effet

L'Angevine on OTP
une intéressante force dans cette photo

L'Angevine on Billy Elliot
superbe ce cadrage et rotation

L'Angevine on Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition
bien ces plans

Buck Rivera on Falling Cat
Just clouds through the window at my usual altitude. :)

Buck Rivera on Disco Omastar
Yeah, I thought of you when I was there.

Buck Rivera on Yao Ming Face
Yeah, you're right, like an Amanita Design moon landing.

Colin at Eyeconic on Tin foil hats
Beautiful - love the overall tones

Colin at Eyeconic on Teabonics
Super shot - well seen and framed

Chumpie on Falling Cat
So you either live in a very high place or it's really snow on your windowsill - right?

L'Angevine on Hackers gonna hack
bel effet et recherche

Buck Rivera on Nobody's perf—
Thank you. (And I learned a new French word.)

Chumpie on In G major
Thanks dude, it's been fun clicking through your photos. I enjoyed both the urban and nature ones. You see a lot ...

Chumpie on Limberbutt McCubbins
Isn't that the guy that plays Sherlock? Anyway, cool pic man!

Chumpie on I will find you, and I will kill you
Just trolling. Your titles are freaked out sometimes, don't mind me picking up on that.

L'Angevine on Nobody's perf—
oh que c'est chouette

Chumpie on Disco Omastar
I would have liked coming here with you, I think.

Chumpie on Disco Omastar
I would have loked coming here with you

Chumpie on Eastwooding
Like a dream from Zbigniew Preisner.

Chumpie on In Soviet Russia ...
More innocent than I would have expected.

Chumpie on Yao Ming Face
If you scroll down a bit, it looks like a picture from the moon.

Chumpie on Tin foil hats
I sincerely love this.

Chumpie on Get-Along Shirt
The impenetrable mist souls get lost in.

Chumpie on Poorly Prepared Polar Bear
I thought you had left your fashionable appartment, but it seems you have not, Or you took that little mad man with you.

Chumpie on Carlos!
I like this.

Chumpie on I will find you, and I will kill you
This one made me wonder if you ever think of me...

omid on Nobody's perf—
such beautiful composition, lines & lighting!

L'Angevine on I will find you, and I will kill you
bonne composition

L'Angevine on Limberbutt McCubbins
bon travail

Buck Rivera on My Waifu's Favorite Hold
Thank you.

L'Angevine on My Waifu's Favorite Hold

omid on My Waifu's Favorite Hold
such beautiful composition, colors, lights & textures! Amazing contrast!

L'Angevine on Carlos!
bien ce jaune

L'Angevine on Poorly Prepared Polar Bear
oh superbe

omid on Poorly Prepared Polar Bear
:) such beautiful composition, lights & shadows!

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